The story

Thousands of years ago, humankind had no way to mark the passing of time besides nature’s observable patterns—the orbit of the sun, the movement of the tides, the changing of the seasons.

Time was a more fluid concept back then—Days were spent according to priorities, not schedules. Each new sunrise signaled an opportunity to survive and thrive before night closed in once more.

The advent of timekeeping, standardized global time zones, and the industrial way of life changed things. We wrestled time into the confines of hours, minutes, and seconds and imposed order on our lives by way of alarms and appointments. “Punctual” became high praise.

Now, our days are ruled by schedules—time to wake up, time to work, time to eat, time to sleep. It’s easy to get caught up in it, rushing from obligation to obligation with no thought to our priorities. What do I want to do today is too often drowned out by what am I supposed to do today.

It’s time for a change.


The brand

Fin is about breaking the mold and redefining your perspective. We believe that your schedule should work for you and not the other way around.

We seek to inspire people to take charge of their time and make happiness, productivity, and fulfillment a daily priority. To that end, we’ve created a watch with a sharp, classic look, real practical application, and a genuine philosophy behind it.

What really separates our watch from the rest of the pack is its unique red 24-hour hand which rotates full circle once per day. It acts as both a countdown clock and a motivating visual representation of how many hours you have left to do the things that spark something real in you.

As watch enthusiasts ourselves, we’re tired of the style-over-substance mindset so prevalent in our culture lately. Our goal was to create a product that’s more than just a fashionable timekeeper. When people look at their Fin watch, we want them to think 6 hours left to accomplish something meaningful instead of 6 o’clock—time to head home.

In supporting your quest to gain back those seconds, minutes, and hours that slip through the cracks every day, we’ve found our passion. We hope Fin will help you find the same.

The takeaway (TL;DR)

Blah blah history of time blah blah revolutionary design blah deep philosophy blah blah sincere final statement.

Watches are neat. Wanna buy one?